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IDE HDD reading sector problem

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Aug 19, 2007
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hello everybody

i am trying to build an mp3 player from the ground up. its similar to those you find on the net. currently am trying to do is getting data off the harddrive and no its not as easy as i though it would be. faced a lot of problems in this stage including power problem, drive locking up (seagate).. .etc.

now after all those problem been sorted out, when i try reading a sector everything goes smooth except am getting all zeros. 512 bytes of it from any sector i read.
+ the activity led goes out when i read a full sector and the sector count register decrements by 1, which is good and mean everything is working as it should be but unfortunately its not.

here is what am doing basically

1- setting up LBA address + (sector count =1).
2- issuing read sector command.
3- waiting for DRQ bit to be asserted.
4- reading 256 words into an array.(from data register certainly)
5- printing the array.

now some might suspect its a wiring problem, ive ruled that out because when i issue the drive a "ID drive" command it works great. reading drive ID data is same as reading a sector the difference is just in the command issued to the drive otherwise its the same steps and procedure.

help me am stuck ! :cry:


Not open for further replies.

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