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IC Opamp design - request for resources

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sepideh rezania powerdesign


I want to ask all the analog ASIC designers here if they have some nice formular collection and cookbooklike papers how to design different flavors of opamps (from 2-stage till full-swing class ab outputs). I know the book from holberg and gregorian - what i'm looking for is more complete formular collection (for example also for class ab amplifiers) which makes it possible to design straight forward for certain parameters ... my main interest would be CMOS - but bipolar would be also interesting.

hope that someone can give me a hand with this ...

thanks !

hey, where are all the analog ASIC-designers ? is this too general or too far out of sight in some way ?

please be so kind and let me participate your experience ...

Hi 0705,

Well, I usualy use Mcad to design the inicial opamp parameters, as gm of the dif. pair and compensation capacitor due to noise. Also the gm of the ouput stage, due to stability. This gives the inicial values of current in each branch and the values of W/L.

After this step, I take Hspice to fine tune the design and test for corner parameters.

I do not have a general program. For each type of amplifier I use a diferent mcad file.

I know that barcelona design is a good tool for this propose, maybe you can check that.

Regards bastos

I'm about to start analog ASIC design. Any chance you can share your mcad files?

Also, what's the barcelona design?



Check this,

Barcelona design is a tool to design analog blocks by the internet. Including operation amplifiers.

and this
**broken link removed**

Power design is a tools from the group of Prof. K. Martin (Toronto university) to design operation amplifiers developed by Sepideh Rezania in his thesis. This is free but for old tech. Needs to be updated. The good thing is that you can add more topologies as you like.

I include one of my files for one two stage telescopic cascode amplifier with cascode compensation. The other files are similar, so this can be a good starting point to you.

Regards bastos

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**

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bastos, can u repost yur math cad file ?

Re: IC Opamp design

Can u repost ur file..
I m very eager to see..

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