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i need to help :( in weather station project @@

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May 2, 2011
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I need to help in my project, please @@
my project is weather station, but I'm having a problem in humidity circuit
i use hs1101 in 555 circuit and it give me the right frequency at OSCI, but when i connect it with pic 16f877a and lcd, the lcd read wrong frequency :(.
Code is written by pic basic or micro c.
i don't no why ?!!!
please help me, and sorry for my language i do not speak english.
very thanks for you @@

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i'm waiting for you @@

No one can help with you problem unless you post a schematic and the code.



i am quoting an extracted from HS1101 sensor document
(27920-HS1101-v1.0.pdf) (HS1101 Relative Humidity Sensor (#27920) v1.0 4/13/2009 Page 3 of 4).

this means that there may be a compatibility issue with PIC or other ucontrlr.

Example Source Code

While this sensor is compatible with all Parallax micro controllers, the included source code is solely for BASIC Stamp® 2 micro controller. When working with other BASIC Stamp models, a scale factor will have to be applied to your code to account for different clock speeds. (For more information see the RCTIME command in the BASIC Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual.)

Additional calculations and coding techniques will be required when interfacing with any other Parallax micro controller, since RCTIME is specific to the PBASIC programming language for BASIC Stamp micro controller modules.

Additional Spin programs have been developed to measure decay time and capacitance with the Propeller chip. Use these programs in conjunction with performing additional control tests to develop Propeller applications. Go to -> Propeller Chip -> Propeller Education Kit Labs for more

moreover how will you calibrate your sensor output? if any problem to understand what i want to say please follow link below and read.

Building a hygrometer with a HS1101

Have you measured the humidity oscillator frequency with and oscilloscope before and after connecting it to the PIC ?

atproutes imeasured frequency befor and after connecting it to the pic,
but at kit i measured it only befor, thanks for your note ^^.

hanif, thanks very very ,
I'll be bake to more understand,

alex, i'll post it later if need ^^, thanks :)

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