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i need help in my Power Electronic project

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Sep 25, 2006
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power elecronic projects

I have a 1500 W load and 500W PV panel. I use grid to supply my load by the aid of 400V output Partial switcing converter. I attaced my desired project scheme.

I want to use my PV panels and not to pay for extra energy i have to design a grid cooperated system.

As is seen in the scheme, i need a MPPT which has a 400V output. I don't know how to design a boost type MPPT and how to connect it to LOAD input after the designing a MPPT.

Assuming that; i designed a MPPT with 400V output , what must i do after. Directly connection it to load? If a regulation problem occurs at output of PFC or MPPT what will do? Is there any dc to dc connection methode?
Could you please help me in killing my troubles.

I guess, the output voltage from MPPT should be 420V, and the output of PSC 400V.

If I connect them eachother like you said, only MPPT supplies to load and a reverse current flows to the PSC. doesn't it?

I think bokage diodes must used for preventing reverse currents.

Could you please draw the scheme of connections you thought?

Dear Savage,
I think that you can but boost converter after solar cell and the control on it is MPPT.
best wishes.

Hi there,
From ur block diagram showed that u r try to operate DC load, am i right?


I think a MPPT controlled Push Pull converter are the best way..there are isolated..and 500w now problem...


willi65 said:

I think a MPPT controlled Push Pull converter are the best way..there are isolated..and 500w now problem...


But my problem is parallel operating of two converter. I don't know how to design load sharing topology.

Using voltage control with a higher setpoint for the solar inverter, as suggested by Dmitron, basically solves the problem. It makes the solar inverter operate at maximum power, unless the load power request drops and the grid inverter supply the rest. Diode decoupling would be only necessary, if the inverters down tolerate supply from the output.

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