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I have 8000 VAC @ 35 kHz that I need to knock down to 60 Hz

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May 16, 2011
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I am working on a Tesla inspired project and my output is 8000 VAC and in the neighborhood of 20 amps. I can leave this in AC if I can figure out how to remove the 35 kHz and end up with utility 60 Hz. Or I can rectify it to DC but then I basically have the same problem of how to chop it up into the 60 Hz. I have some machining skills and I am almost ready to build a rotary contactor with an electric motor, although I am really hoping for a more elegant solution.

As I scour the web for components, once I get into this level of volts and amps things are going for the price of a nice used car...
Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give me on this,

Tesla inspired. I believe it.

Please confirm, you're producing 160 kW?
8000 V x 20 A?
That's enough to power 160 homes.

Waveforms greater than 11 kV peak. Don't know about components surviving that.

You might rectify your 35 k AC in an alternating manner at 60 hz.
146 pulses positive, 146 pulses negative. Tailor pulse amplitudes to resemble a sine wave.

More stages may be required until...

To step it down to 120 VAC you'll need a large transformer. Or two transformers. Big as a refrigerator. Just like the electric company uses.

You might find the electric company is willing to buy juice from you. They could tell you what voltage, and where, etc., they would hook you up to their transmission lines.

Hi, thanks for your response!

Yes, if all goes well it will be 160 kw. Although I was thinking along the lines of about 10,000 watts per house. After the Tesla magic it looks so far like I have that much power. I certainly have the 8000 volts, but it will be hard to gauge the real amps until I feed it to a home or such.

I'm not clear on your comment "Waveforms over 11 kv peak".

After I got to 60 Hz I was planning on a transformer but "big as a refrigerator" might put a damper on my budget.

if you actually have 160kW from some source or prime mover and for some reason you are using a tesla coil to produce the 8kV at 20 amps AC (35kHz) - it is a relatively straight forward engineering exercise to rectifiy the AC and then use a grid commutated inverter (SCR based) to feed the power into the grid (3 phase). This is done routinely at powers up to 1MV x 1000 amps. My company has designed a number of smaller types (27kW the smallest), Regards, Orson Cart.

I'm not clear on your comment "Waveforms over 11 kv peak".

My assumption. I wasn't sure if you meant you have 8000 peak or 8000 rms.

By the way, you wouldn't step it down in one step. You would step it down to 2400 maybe. I believe that's street level.

Then send one or two wires through a neighborhood. Each house would have a transformer serving it like we see everywhere.

Just supplying speculation here.

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