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I am going2day for an interview in WIMAX! plz help! urgently

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Aug 15, 2007
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The project and profile includes RF testing of wimax with spectrm analyzer and then compare it on some visual software on computer and do some tuning!

First thing is you must know how to use spectrum analyzer, if they ask you what about front end of spectrum analyzer you should be able to tell.
Also read about RF testing equipments in brief.
Also you must be aware about different causes of failure of RF circuits.
Suppose they ask you to compair thw two diffferent spectrum (one with Software generated & other practically observed) & if the are different, then what will be your conclusion? How you will proceed to test Wimax? What changes you will make/
This Questions can be asked? Be prepared.
Best of Luck.

He dint ask anything!!

He was nt concerned abt ma profile as well :(

He jst asked ... I cn keep u an intern fr --3-4 months ( widout pay) along with 5-6 other guys n then u cn win job by showin ur work :( ....

Y d cmpnies doint this to freshers? :9

Re: I am going2day for an interview in WIMAX! plz help! urge

Well if you know whats WiMax and you think you should be having a job instead of being interned then you should reject this offer and see some where else, but if you think that you still need to learn and have some more knowledge then go for the offer don't mind weather paid or not, because interships also provide a broad chance of learning.

Best of luck

Well WiMax is certainly hot, there are also competing technologies like WiBro on the market.. perhaps its a good idea to keep them in mind, while going for an interview

Atleast the person told you he will not pay you for 3 months.
When I was fresher, I joined 1 company & person there decided to give me enough money, I was working hard there. After 13days Boss told me that Work here without pay for 2 months & also said I will pay you 1/3rd of payment I said you before after 2 months.
This things happen.
Do not distrub.
Keep trying till you get good job.
Screw this job

thts gud !
this is nt the end of world !
keep trying !

He finally agreed to giv travelling expenses.. and I guess I must agree to this job.. although i already have 6 mnths internship in my .. its nt helping me much as it was nt in UK!

Re: I am going2day for an interview in WIMAX! plz help! urge

Maybe I am late in the discussion. By I design test equipment for WiMax.

Become an expert in OFDM, Sub-Carriers, Pilot tones, QAM, EVM, search Intel and Agilent and Litepoint for App will go far my friend.

try you best!!!!you will win

plz help me for the

code in wimax for adaptive modulation + using metlab

Re: I am going2day for an interview in WIMAX! plz help! urge

Do you mean the adaptive coded modulation?
the modulation is changed according to the receiver in order to accomodate the bad channel (the bit rate is lowered due to bad channel and so the information rate is going down).

Re: I am going2day for an interview in WIMAX! plz help! urge

take it easy if its internship they are giving you then take it up perhaos it will be the platform from which you bounce to a better joib..goodluck

You got to know how to use VSA, SA, SG to test CPE TX and RX performance such as SNR, EVM, ACP, CINR, RSSI and so on.

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