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human body parts modeling in CST MWS

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Jul 29, 2006
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i am having problem in modeling human fat in CST MWS.
the fat material given in cst material library is non-dispersive and has a constant permitivity value of 5.
now we know in reality this permitivity is not constant but changes with frequency so i am wondering how could i model a dispersive material like fat in cst.
one of my friend is using EM simulation package microstripes 7.5 and in that package they have built in data files for different body parts like skin, fat, muscle, bone , tongue and they call these materials debye materials. all these materials having a changing permitivity value with frequency not constant as in cst

can anyone help me how to model such materials in CST MWS.
any help would be highly appreciated


Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but this may be useful:

**broken link removed**

The page gives values for sigma and epsilon for different tissues at a range of frequencies.

MWS knows about Debye materials, although I haven't tried to use them. You could probably exract the parameters you need from the above website to build a Debye model.

i was looking for more info about debye model and found your thread.
hope you found out the solution ...
i guess we need to use some frequency dependent model like debye model to defined such material. one can pick different dispersion model from dispersion section of material property.

my guess is that u might have found this solution and now can help me.
i also have to define human fat , i have all worked out debye model parameters - static and infinity permittivity, conductivity and relaxation time.

but there is nowhere to specify conductivity if i choose debye 1st order dispersion model in CST. then how to enter parameter in given section of the model to define the material completely .can you help me regarding this ?

with regards,

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