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HP Officejet 6110 printer, cannot open the carriage access door

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Jul 2, 2004
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I got a used HP Officejet 6110 printer. After switching it shows signs of life, but complains about the cartridges.
When I wanted to watch them, I found that I can not open physically the carriage access door (also when turned on). Probably the unit is damaged, perhaps fell down (?), but otherwise it looks really good.

From the manual:
"Turn on the unit, then open the print-carriage access door by lifting the handle until the door locks into place"

How can I open the device, without any physical damaging?
Please help me!
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Re: HP Officejet 6110 printer, now I can open the access door, but ...

In the meantime I found the solution to the problem of opening:

- on both sides of the lower paper tray are the two interlocking ears, however, accessible only by a gynecologist method :). Once opened the door, it was already clear the error: the handle springs were not in place.

Now I was able to watch the cartridges, but I see no problem here. Of course, they are probably too old, but the printer asks for align them (in an endless loop), and the printed test page is blank.
Currently, I'm here, and I'm afraid I have to buy new cartridges.
Some good advice?

HP cartridges (and most others I guess) tend to dry out. Also the contacts can become contaminated (assuming it is the same as my two HP printers). You can sometimes fix contact problems with isopropyl alcohol but if the cartridges are dry you won't be able to find out if there are any other problems until you can print which means buying new cartridges.

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As Keith suggested I've resurrected a few HP cartridges for associates by soaking the bottom side with the jets in isopropyl alcohol.

Also Some cartridges have a hole on the top which can be used to press the ink bladder with a blunt narrow object.

After soaking the cartridges for 15 minutes I would gently press the ink bladder until I saw ink emerging from the jets.

You also might try picking up an aftermarket C6656AN black cartridge, they are available for less than $7 USD over here.

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