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HP 1560 printer problem

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Apr 24, 2010
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Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh
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My HP-1560 printer is in trouble. I've been using it for more than 2yrs. There was no problem. I replaced 2 black cartridge and one color cartridge, but color one damaged so, I was using only the black one for last yr . Some days ago I bought a color cartridge for replacement. Just printed a single page printer warn me that the black one is empty. then, I refill black one as I did several times before.

Unfortunately, after installing them back printer can't recognize any of the cartridges, indicating a flashing indicator in the front panel. I reassembled the whole printer after clearing it with high quality contact cleaner. But still the same flashing indicator shown in the front panel that something wrong. I can't understand where is the problem. If anyone help I'll be so grateful to him.

I don't know if this applies to your model, but printer manufacturers have been known to add 'detectors' in their printers, with the aim of preventing us from re-using or refilling cartridges.

Do a web search to see if techies say your model is problematic in this way.

Another thing. Did you try disconnecting power for a few minutes, in order to let the circuits fall back to zero?

I may even have read that you need to leave it disconnected for a day or two, in order to reset things inside.

If a cartridge gets one or more white lines, then you should try to cure it because continued use can make that jet go permanently bad. I had a printer which refused to recognize a cartridge that had developed two, maybe 3 or 4 bad jets. I believe it could detect these, and it went catatonic one day without warning. Since it was an old printer and an old cartridge, I didn't bother spending money on a new cartridge.

I kept disconnected for 12hrs also tried as their manufacturer suggests but no benefit. They suggest to reset by disconnecting and clean cartridge connecting leads. But still can't recognize them.

I've seen another inkjet printer get peculiar when I install an old refilled cartridge.

Short of buying a new cartridge, try putting in a different old cartridge. The printer may forget about the present one.

The solution which the manufacturer likes for us to do is to buy a totally new cartridge. It's likely to work. The cartridge has no memory of getting low on ink. The printer has no memory of it or its ink level high or low.

The tactics used by these manufacturers ought to be an industry-wide scandal. They would say 'we're maintaining our standard of high quality printing.'

However their tactics frustrate many customers and make them say 'I'll never buy this brand again.'

That means its a business of the printer company!!! Older one also no working. I decided to change the whole thing and never gonna buy another HP series. I think Canon is better than HP printers.

you didnt mention the os used. assuming it to be windows .

the ink level of cartridges are read by the printer driver in the system .
if it is low level then you are warned .

the cartridges also have some form of disabling the cartridge(by itself) when it goes below a certain level. it is purosely to make the user to buy new cartridge rather than filling the old one.

you can use the hp driver utility that comes with your printer to read the inklevel.

some refillers also reset the lowlevel feature when they refill.
probably your refiller might not have done that or the printer model you specified have some reseting proof system.

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