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how to use rocketIO in vertex-5 to invert serial to parallel

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Jul 17, 2009
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I need to use Rocket IO(GTX) in vertex 5 to convert high speed serial data to parallel.
I read ug198,ug024,ug204 of xilinx, but they did't hellp me.
i just want a simple code and simulation that shows serial data come and change to parallel.

please help me.

Could you be more specific ?
From where you are getting the high speed serial data? what protocol they follow( any standards like Aurora / ethernet/PCI)?

Re: how to use rocketIO in vertex-5 to invert serial to para

thank you for answering soon.
i have a project that is:
G.709 encoder
i should recieve STM-16(SDH) data and put it in G.709(Adding proper header and FEC codes) and then sending it.
i have done all of the above but one thing.
in my project i worked with 32 bit(4 byte) user interface( i thing i get data in format of 32 bit)
so one thing remains :
and that is I receive STM-16 frame in serial and i need to use rocketIO(GTX) to conver to parallel(32), STM-16 is like SONET OC-48(so u can thing of this protocol)
but in my project in this time i dont need to work with details. i just wana show that i can recieve serial data(ex:from port RXN_IN) and make them parallel and show them in RXDATA_out(15 downto 0).
as i sayed details are not important for me just now, and just wana show above case.
I will be thankful for your helping.

you can use coregenerator to configure the GTX , then use it in your design.
Since you are already using encoding you can dissable the 63/64b encoder.

If you are just simulating , you can test the whole scenario using modelsim. But you need to have the modelsimSE or higher.

If you want to see it working in realtime then you got to know the details of this GTx configuration and the device(FPGA) you are using.

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