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how to use multisim and how to connects oscilloscope in a circuit

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Nov 8, 2012
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Hello to you all, am still very new to the platform of a multisim, working day and night to learn it and yet i still dont get it well. i will be glad if the forum could please help me with some relevant, comprensive and precise information and books/materials on how to use it. also, i will be glad if examples can be included using designed circuits and setting of oscilloscope and how to use it.

Thanks to u all
remain urs -------- yanda M.

multism is very easy to understand,what version of multism do you have? and to connect oscilloscope just go to right side of your multism window you will see instrument click on any one you want to use and then come back to where you arranged your component then right click,oscilloscope will be paste their then drag the probe to where you are testing your signal ... so simple you can also download some tutorials on you tube it will help.

thanks once more kabeer02 but am stil not clear on how to download videos on you tube, i've just tried watch a clip but then my data is damn suffering so i tried looking for a link or and option that may direct me to download videos but i couldnt find any, only upload link i could see at the top right hand corner.

the way and manner to placed the oscilloscope isn't a problem but the greatest challenge is on how to adjust the settings, including how to connect the probes A, B, G and T in the circuit. I have tried connecting A and B in the output terminals and G connected to a separate ground (not a DGND but GROUND) and left probe T unconnected but some times it works fine - like when running a test on AC to see the ac waveform and half wave rectifier but when it comes to a such things as multivibrators circuits using 555timer and transistors, it never works; and so many others like that. infact, i've seen some other configurations and when i tried using it i noticed something that appeared as the IC pin was burning.

more clues pls kabeers


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