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How to use Linux ISO file to install Linux OS?

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Aug 12, 2005
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Hi, Im new to Linux, Im using Windows as my OS on my PC.
I want to change my OS to Linux and I have downloaded an ISO file from the Linux website... What would I do next or how would I use this ISO image file?

Please help... Thanks

Re: Linux ISO file?

You must have backups of your important files on seperate media before attempting to install a new operating system.

You will need to do some learning and figuring out to get used to linux. If you can't look up how to do things with google on your own you are going to get stuck quickly or spend a lot of time asking basic questions in forums. For example the question "What do I do with an ISO file" has been asked about ten thousand times before and you could have read the web about it instead of asking and waiting for replys.

Incidentally linuxquestions forums are a very good place to get help with linux.

An ISO file is a CD image, you use a CD burning program such as nero to write it to CD.

Re: Linux ISO file?

An ISO file is a CD image, if you have a CD writer and a blank CD-R or CD-RW you can make a linux install CD.

If you want to install it start up your computer with the Linux CD in the drive and configure your BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM drive. Then Linux will install.

You will have to reformat if you only have one partition and you still want Windows (unless you create a new partition with your free hard drive space with Partition Magic or something). You could also set up Linux on a seperate hard drive.

Re: Linux ISO file?

Hi, Thanks for your attention Matts and "throwaway" man! I already knew.
I'm using HT Fireman Burner and it cant burn the Linux ISO file as an image CD.
Well, I guess I'll have to use the Nero thing huh?... well anyway thank you guys..

Linux ISO file?

well, on top of all, Linux is not an OS, but an OS kernel.
second, which distrubution have downloaded?

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