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How to store Ericsson R520 already received SMSes on PC?

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Sep 4, 2001
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r520 at command


Anyone know how to store SMS that are already in the phone (Ericsson R520) on PC. I have the cable, I also have the software from Ericsson, but this tools only give the possibility to send/recive SMS and other things, but not to store on PC already recived SMS in phone. So, if someone know how to do it, please help me. Thanks in advance.


at command ericsson r520m

can you attach this software to a message in downloads section?

I have a Ericsson R380s and would like to get that software.

greetz, venz.

I will attach tomorrow, becouse I don`t have the software now.


mbyka I didn`t mean the unlocker for the phone. Thaks anyway for the prg... So, if I explain again what I need... I need some kind of interface, program (if this at all exist) to pass to SMS`s from the phone memory (SIM card memory) to PC.


I dont know about saving the contents, but Easytext from **broken link removed** looks very handy for storing all your SMS numbers, phone numbers, editing the melodies etc.

i just can't wait until I get a connector so I can make a cable.


Ericsson R380S

Ericsson R380S have touch screen lcd display. But ı haven't got schematic. please help me?

SMS is stored via AT+CMGR modem command .
Before issuing this command , you have to know the SMS memory position in R520 . Memory position could
be got if at reception of SMS you acctivated the new SMS notification . If it is the case you will get +CMTI unsolicited response from modem where position has set .
The other way to get SMS is to read all of the stored SMS's via AT+CMGL command , which in turn will provide you all SMS, following by +CMGL solicited response and PDU part . +CMGL response will give you type of PDU , its status (read, unread ...) meemory position .

Please ntoe you have to write PDU decoding , as there is no text modem display for SMS in ericsson models .
If you need the AT command guideline for Ericsson R520 I can upload , but I suppose you can get via searh from internet or ereicsson's mobility world site.

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