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How to start with ARM7?? - looking for help

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May 17, 2002
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How to start with ARM7??


I want to start with ARM7 ,But I do not know how to start and how to select c compiler,Jtag debugger,development kit,manufacturer?

I want to select a low cost way(for hardware) and 60MHZ speed is sufficient for me at now.

Please guide me.


For a relatively inexpensive solution, you should select the Evaluator-7T kit.

It is at $250, with JTAG support and the almighty RS-232 interface. However no full-version of compiler and JTAG hardware interface (the Multi-ICE component) is provided at this price. The uP is a Samsung KS32C50100 (with 512KB SRAM, 8KB unified cache/sratchpad RAM configurable, 10MHz clock produces a 50MHz processor clock)

The GNU port for the ARM as a cross-compiler is free of charge, but you need some familiarity with that.

So get these and by third party tools for the missing "links in the toolchain" (a native idiom). Overall cost at $750 ecept you build JTAG interface board on your own.

The expensive solution is the Integrator (e.g. for ARM7TDMI) + full-version of the compiler. The Integrator goes namely up to 66MHz, but in practice i've been able to configure it up to 50MHz. Plus 256KB SSRAM and plug-in 256MB SDRAM module.

And what is your target amongst the ARM variants (ARM7TDMI, ARM710T, ARM with analog interface that is ARM7100) ??

Third-party boards are a questinomark to me except from the Atmel AT series, which i've heard good comments, however i don't think that it has 32-bit bus to main memory (off-chip) (important if you need such, of course).


Look this web page for good and low cost (350 USD) evolution board TEB-4530AC from TopMicroSystems:

I got from all replies that I need these items to start and develop a project with ARM7.

1. C compiler like as GNU C compiler
2. JTAG interface hardware
3. A developement kit

Is this correct? or other tools are also requires?

By the way,From where (vendors) Can I buy Jtag interface ?( I like inexpensive ones)

JTAG software and hardware for Win9x h**p://w*

Other solution h**p://w*
Wiggler hardware (dongle to LPT port)
and free OCD Commander (Windows and Linux)
Free GNU Toolkits for OCDemonTM BDM/JTAG Devices

Hi to you all guys .Ok there is a company
they produce a chip based on the ARM7 core they hava an SDK cdrom free with all the GNU and other basic layers (BIOS) an it comes with a debbugger that for being free is GREAT!

I do not know exactly what I need in general for ARM7 development.
Is this items a complete set or other items is needed?

1: several ARM7 ICs from a vendor
2: developement kit of them
3: a JTAG hardware
4: a c compiler and IDE

please place your comments.

How to start with ARM7??

i advice you to use keil arm and gcc.

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