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How to simulate this system? orcad can do? or others?

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Oct 3, 2002
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I want to simulate my system:
One Virtex4 fpga and some other LEDs and others, I have all rtl file(writen by verilog) for the virtex4 fpga, and the schematic of the FPGA and other parth are aready designed by orcad Capture.
Can I simulate this system(FPGA and other part)? How to? Could you please show me an example?

What do you mean simulate?

I assmume you are using Xilinx ISE, so you can use Modelsim to simulate your Virtex fpga.

For more detail information check out this weblink.

I don't know what you mean by Orcad, because Orcad would be used for your final design, (complete schematic and layout of PCB).

You can simulate just your FPGA with Orcad though, but you require more tools.

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If you want a complete simulation with analog componets you are out of luck with Orcad.

sorry for my poor english.
What I want to simulate is:
I have designed out the schematic. in the schematic, it contain one fpga device. In orcad, we can simulate the schematic with resistors,capacitors and other components. But I don't know how to simulate a schematic with FPGA device and some other resistors,capacitors components.
Could you help me?

you didnt mention your orcad capture version
but however if you have version 10 you can use NC-VHDL or in your case NC-Verilog from Cadence to do it for you
however if you have 9.1 through 9.3 then you can use orcad simulate which is an integral part of orcad package
another possiblity is to convert your design into edif format and then use xilinx ISE to do it for you

my orcad version is 10.5,but so far as I know, nc-verilog could only simulate verilog file, could it simulate mix with resistors,capacitors and verilog file?

No you can only simulate the fpga logic with nc-vhdl. You cannot mix the analog components with the fpga for simulation. The benifit of using nc-vhdl with orcad capture is that you can mix schematic logic blocks with VHDL.

Even though I have never tried this, you may be able to simulate your complete system with Matlab, Orcad, SLPS, and Modelsim. You would basically use Matlab as the simulator and Modelsim as your interface to your VHDL block. SLPS would interface your analog part to Orcad Pspice. Maybe someone with the knowledge of matlab would have some insight if this is possible.

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