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[SOLVED] how to program pic18f4550 using pickit3

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Oct 9, 2012
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i have made board for pic18f4550 microcontroller. i have provide ICSP connector to my board. now i want to program ic using pickit3 programmer of microchip.I have written code on MPLAB IDE using c18 toolsuit for checking my board working or not. please help me how to program ic? should i give power supply to board while programming ?

you can give external power supply or else also you can power the target board from usb there is option in MPlab ide, to connect pickit3


You can programe the IC with on board power supply and also with the power of pickit3 unless and until the power out of PICKIT3 are satisfied. Just connect the PICKIT3 to the ICSP connector. PICKIT3 has power sense on board. To Check this select PICKIT3 from PROGRAMMER --> PICKIT3. Then again PROGRAMMER --> Settings -->Status Tab see the on board volatges below. Also you can programe the IC using PICKIT3 Power... PROGRAMMER --> Settings --> POWER (tab) --> Select a range of power, Apply and ok. The IC should be detected now. Programe and enjoy!

thank u...
i have tried by connecting pickit3 through usb to ICSP connector but it shows error "target device not connected". i checked voltage but it showing zero volt.
please suggest why it happens...

is it showing" PK3Err0045: You must connect to a target device to use PICkit3" like this?

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post your connection diagram too.......

your device IC in the software you are using must match with what you have . Or else will have target device not connected .. and also plug in the PicKit3 USB to your board first before powering on your board..

yes it showing" PK3Err0045: You must connect to a target device to use PICkit3"
i have attached schematic....

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ya i have varify its same as my target device

i can't understand where m wrong.i have checked my hardware n software configuration also.. its correct.:sad:

you should bring this question to the MicroChip Forum ..

basically the error is telling you that nothing is connected to the PICKIT3. This is normally due to there being no power on the TARGET PIC.

Connect PICKIT3... In MPLAB Select PICKIT3 and Then go to PROGRAMMER --> Settings -->Status Tab see the on board volatges. what are the values of voltages? Make a Snap and Post it.

i have configured voltage 3.5v as target device connected to pickit3 via usb

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is there any mistake in my schematic?

I found no mistake in the circuit posted. Configure Voltage to 5V and then use Multimeter to check voltages at microcontroller pin. Does Power LED glows after providing power by PK3? Do not apply any external volatges as you are powering IC using PK3.

Check your wire connected form programmer to target board also if you are connected it wrongly it won't work and make voltage to 5V

i have follow all instructions posted here but still m geting same error :-(

i have follow all instructions posted here but still m geting same error :-(

here are the possibilities:
1) you have not made and/or checked Vdd to be 5v. Why would you even try with 3.5v ?
2) there is a mistake in your physical setup : wrong connect, short, open.
3) your PICKit3 to uC cable is too long
4) your MPLAB version is not >= v8.2
5) there are other components connected in your circuit which you have not shown in your schematic
6) there are errors in your config setup.
7) ....

However - according to the error message displayed, you should focus on ensuring that a proper +5v is being applied - either internal from PICKit or external. In each case, make sure you have made the correct settings, and connected Pin2.

The error seems to imply that you have configured for External power, but have not actually powered-on your board.

I know this is an old thread...but HERE IS THE ANSWER

So, after having the same problem...I finally figured out why I was getting the same "Target device was not found. You must connect to a target device to use PICkit 3.
2014-09-12T19:25:40-0400- Programming failed" ERROR

Click on "advanced settings" tab and log into advanced mode
Click on the POWER button on the left
Down in the ICSP Options window, check the box labeled "Power Target Circuit from Tool.

...and BINGO!!!!

Connecting to MPLAB PICkit 3...
Firmware Suite Version.....01.33.20
Firmware type..............PIC18F

Target detected
Device ID Revision = 7
2014-09-12T19:40:41-0400- Programming...

The following memory area(s) will be programmed:
program memory: start address = 0x0, end address = 0x65ff
configuration memory

Programming/Verify complete
2014-09-12T19:40:51-0400- Programming complete
Pass Count: 1

I hope this helps anyone else who might stumble across this problem without spending hours reading and fumbling thru the internet forums...

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