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how to plot a 3D sphere for antenna radiation pattern

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Feb 19, 2009
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phi theta antenna

Hi all,

I have obtained a dataset of an antenna containing:

1) phi (from 0 to 360 degree)
2) theta (from 0 to 180 degree)
3) magnitude at respective point (phi, theta)

May I know how to plot a 3D sphere (antenna radiation pattern) using MATLAB? Is there any other better software to use to plot it easily? Please advice. Many thanks.


sphere antenna


Yes, you can do it by using matlab,I've tried and I think that it works. If I understood well you want to plot your E-field or H-field or Gain (it is the same) as a function of phi and theta. you just have to plot A=f(theta,phi) what I suggest is to tranform your funtion in xyz coordinate system and then plot A as a function of x,y,z. When you do it I have a question of you that you may can have a suggestion

antenna radiation pattern plotting

hi asturias,

What MATLAB function that I can use after I converted them into xyz?

Attached is my spreadsheet file. Can you explain how do you convert them into xyz and how do you plot them showing a 3D sphere? Please help.


xyz plot matlab


I can not open your file,maybe it is saved in an old them again and send them to me by pm or email. I guess it is just some values refering to an amplitude for all the correspondin theta,phi. A 2-d matrix. I'll make and m-file and send it to you


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plot a sphere

hi asturia,

Can you provide me your email address? Also, I have PM you with a re-attached winrar file containing the data (in txt format). Pleae let me know whether you can open the file. Thanks.

hey I have similar set of data set, had you succeeded in ploting radiation pattern in matlab with the data set. please reply

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