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How to pick a good microcontroller board

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Jan 11, 2013
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I am taking a course on microprocessors and we have labs with the board PBMCUSLK.
This board is barely available and the processor we use 68HC12 is just on its way out in tech world from what I have been told. I heard the S12 version is quite similar. How can I find a board that will fulfill my lab requirements? I don't know how to pick a board. I know my lab is using PBMCUSLK with 68HC12.


If your lab requirements require a particular microprocessor then you need a microcontroller board with that device on it.
If they don't, then you're free to pick your poison.
If your labs require certain I/O devices on the board, then that too defines your choice. The PBMCUSLK on paper looks as nice and
convenient as any, not that I've used it. The 68HC12 is a decent processor to learn on, even if your future projects don't use it.

Even if you needed to learn a new device for a future project, it takes a day to pick up how to use a new device, if you're
talking about an alternative 8-bit device - half a day to scan the documentation, and half a day to experiment with it.

So, I daresay it doesn't really matter. Because once you learn your first device, then the core principles remain the same.

Well I need a board similar so I can practice the lab and final project at home before heading to the lab. Could you help me find a similar board. Which website sells at a good price, also which specs are key to match as much as possible.

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