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How to overcome the "TV-OUT" detection in VGA Card

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Dec 9, 2001
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Hi there,

Most of the modern VGA cards have a TV-Out SVHS connector, this O/P is capable of sending a standard video signal to a TV set through it's (video in) I/P, bit it does noe enable this O/P if you connect it to the (video-in) I/P of a VCR set. It seemd the vga card detects the I/P impedance of the set or something like that.

As my TV set does not have a (video in) I/P :cry: , i hyave to use me VCR set.
How can i overcome this situation? Any ideas are highly appreciated.


if your tv set has a scart connector on it
then you can convert the svhs to a scart input pin signal for composite

it is a very similar just difffernt spec signal
so just a couple of resistors
i found the mod on the net
and sure thing works ok with a standard tv set to av channel and scart used

ps the detection is just a voltage shift via the shunt load of the pin being connected too a cable
you can also use a T pad attenuator too adjust the amount of signal
while maintaining the phase

you can then just also modulate this with a standard aztex uhf modulator and drive the signal in to this
to give a nice tv picture

also bend some copper wire into a loop
place into the box and you have a computer sender

Unfortunately, my TV set does not have a any I/P connector except the RF antenna and of course, the 220 VAC mains one. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Not realy shore what the problem was but there is a tool to manipulate the tv-out features of VGA cards. Check this adress.

With this program you can switch the TV-out on and of independent of what is conected, there is also alot of other great features.

regards Me

Unfortunately, my TV set does not have a any I/P connector except the RF antenna and of course, the 220 VAC mains one
You need some kind of TV modulator like this one If you have some expirience with electronics it is not so dificult to get it work. Other option is to buy it.

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