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How to install and run Flexlm 7.1 on WinXP?

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Dec 31, 1999
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I tried to install Ansoft HFSS using Flexlm v7.1 in WinXP Home. But the license server (lmgrd) has never got started successfully. It might be the compatibility problem. If yes, anyone has the latest Flexlm to run under WinXP? Thanks

flexlm 9 sdk

I have seen the same problem. Hopefully there is an answer.

nastran flexlm

Can you install Winxp Pro?In the XP home it can't work,I install successfully in XP Pro,you can try it!

flexlm sdk pdf

the home <--> pro thought might be true

i also heard 'stories' that you cannot install flexlm in the 'program files'-directory because of the space.....yes the space in between

make sure the file path's are correct, make sure the license server is started......etc and ??is there an error message??

just a thought


flexlm na xp

Edit: Oops, didn't notice it was an old post. Ignore!

The flexlm users manual is here:

**broken link removed**

Latest binaries (9.2) are here:

**broken link removed**


**broken link removed**

Check the Ansoft website for the most recent vendor daemon.

Check your log file... make sure your firewall isn't blocking anything... environment variable properly set...etc.

I had a hell of a problem installing Visual nastran 4D 2003 today with FlexLM on XP Pro. I had it installed in the c:/flexlm directory too but the vendor daemon wouldn't stay going. Found a better, um, solution after and ditched the flex. Good luck.

flexlm sdk install problem

can u provide a link for flexlm sdk 9 or latest version?

flexlm help visual nastran 4d

is your fat NTFS or not?
if u start lmgrd and then launch process manager in fa32 system u will see several vendor daemons runing at the same time and all of the will be cease, one by one!
I have not tested it but I think it requires NTFS!


Win XP should run on NTFS ...
Anyway , try to install a newer version of FlexLM . Maybe your version doesn't supported XP . I had this problem with Flexlm 7.0 !!!

Re: Flexlm vs WinXP

I never had problems with any flexlm version on WinXP Pro and FAT32.
And I used HFSS8.0 and Now HFSS9.0 and some more that requires FlexLM as Licencing-Server.... :p :p :p

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