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How to implement digital signal processing for speech project

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Dec 11, 2010
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Dear friends,

Here I'm Saathis. Currently I'm doing my final year project. Below are detail n help i needs....


The system name is Speech Door Access System. user have to register before use. After register they must use provide password to access door. User have speech password via microphone. The password will be checked either it in data_base_ or not. Then door will be opened. The same process will be done for close process. All user will use same password. I'm use USB to parallel 25pin cabel since my laptop don have parallel port.

Help need:

> How to process the speech password to be door open & close
> How to make that sound to text and text to parallel port data line high or low
which happens in my project. High for open & low for close
> How to set text to parallel input

Please help on above problem. I'm helpless guide me someone.... For more info please view attach file...:-(


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Elaborate on the the requirement "How to process the speech password to be door open & close"

for example

Listen for person's presence using the microphone input
Record persons verbal command
Do command identification on speech (open or close)
Do person identification on speech
Check if person is in database
Control door
Thank you klystron... im using parallel port to handle the speech password to be open & close the door. Is it possible can i did in VB6 with parallel programming? As you mention me above example... let me know more detail about it.. do have some references friend... pls help me on this.... :)

Yes you can use the parallel port and VB6 to control of the door. See **broken link removed**
Hi friend.... to u know how to set D1 parallel port data line (D1) goes to high to activate motor to open door....D2 goes to low t activate motor to close door.... please provide source code friend.... thank you....

Please take alook at the C source code at **broken link removed**
You can also use the inpout32.dll to make the code simpler

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