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How to get Picture from camera and send(GPRS) to Server?

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Nov 16, 2003
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send gprs

My project
ARM+Cam+GPRS modem
I want Get Picture from camera or web cam (capture) and send to server
by use MCU (ARM7 MCU) is Posible?
Thank you...:D

sending output of camera to server using gprs

that can be done through blue tooth
camera send by gprs to server


What you are asking for is possible. The GPRS is just like any other interface, lets say RS-232.
Now, think of it this way, how can i send a picture through the RS-232, and then you will have your answer. THe GPRS connection is only data transfer, after you will learn how to initialize it and then send the data through it. On the other side, you will ahve to take the data back again and then use it, just like you would have with the RS-232.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck.

jpegs on gprs telit

I think the harder part of the problem is to get the image from a webcam into the controller. We are not talking about a PC here. What is needed is an understanding of the USB interface and protocol to get the image file out of the camera and into the RAM of microcontroller.

camera image transfer gprs

For low speed mcu it is possible to connect micro directly to parallel output camera chip as it is done in project below :
**broken link removed**
(there are couple of similar projects links was posted on edaboard before and can be found by direct search from google )

Higher resolution cameras provides higher bit rates which force us to:
- use more powerfull mcu such as arm to handle camera connectivity
- or use cpld and sram where cpld will take snapshot data from camera to sram and low speed mcu will process data from there. Link to this type of solution was posted in topic related to laser range finder which was active last days .

Cameras actually need dsp for image postprocessing , but if i am not wrong new cameras use builtin dsp and provide processed image data.

gprs server camera

You can simple use a JPEG encoder chip that interface with the Camera, and some JPEG encoder will have SRAM-like interface or Serial (3-wire) interface, for slow speed MCU.

I have one from MobileCAM that can control it with I2C bus, to ask it to take a Snapshot from the CMOS sensor, and then MCU can read the JPEG file through the databus.

Added after 3 minutes:

For the communication point of view, you can simply use FTP to send the JPEG to the server.

However, if you can complete control the server, you can simple implement a Telnet-like protocol, which can send the image file with less protocol.

If your server is something like MMS gateway, or it is a mobile phone, you should implement the MMS protocol.

Hi winit_a

I want,too.
My project was taking a picture sending via GPRS,too.
or If it's posible, i wanna sending VDO,but now i looked at, i can send the picture.

Do you have the way to sending its?
Please copy to me at j_phetchuen at yahoo dot com.
I wanna finite project in this month? Thank you verymuch.

And You're thai people? if yes. i am thai,too.
nice to see you.



You can use the CX93510 from Conexant where he can directly connect to camera and place the picture in internal RAM

Access done via SPI or I2C you can use any micro who have UART for connecting to CELL modem and SPI or I2C for connecting to CX93510 chip

Also there is a similar chip from ROHM (BU6566), but is is to complicated for student to work with since it is only manufactured in BGA

You can also do the the picture compression your self using a fast controller like STM32,LPC17xx,PIC32 etC using the free JPEG lib

Regarding digital video it is to complicated for student, although the CX93510 support video streaming

See conexant site for more details

all the best


The microcontroller specialist

Re: send gprs


I need the exact same thing. Please tell me how you had implimented image transfer over GPRS from MCU? I can get images on MCU.
Please reply.

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