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How to generate video signals

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Nov 18, 2001
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Hi there,

I would like to generate video signals using scart connection on my tv via most common pic mcus'.For example i can use 16f877 if it is possible.I can't understand asm codes, i can use ccs c compiler.Can you show my way please?Thanks. :roll:



You need precise timing for video generator to one instruction takt - it is very difficult to achive in C - not only for some subroutine but for main() and all subroutines code. Even if you will achive precise timing, any further changing will break your time intervals. It is much ease to learn Assembler, than to make this real-time program on C.

Look at video generator description on :

**broken link removed**

You will find a lot of useful hardware and software info. The Asm code is very comprehensible there.

Wish You Good Luck! klug.

Video Signal

Search Al*tera V*ideo Ge*nerator at

There are good examples for VGA and there is good project
SXVid at web with Scenix Microcontroller.

Additional links :)

PAL/NTSC Video Clock/Message Generator using the PIC16F84 (DIY project)
**broken link removed**

Several complete projects (including source codes and schematics) by Alberto Ricci Bitti. Please take a look at Video DVM and Bingo! on your TV projects. These projects explain how to generate video signals. Unfortunately, these projects use the ATMEL AVR parts. **broken link removed**

Ummm, that would be *fortunately* they use AVR :)

Very cool projects there. Very efficient.

another link explaining piloting directly video from the pic

**broken link removed**

be careful, it's japanese translated to english with altavista...

another example using a mc1377 pal video encoder chip

**broken link removed**

(in french..)

Other example of software video generation:

I would suggest you use an OSD chip (philips, nec). Those ICs can be controlled via serial connections (I2c) by the MCU you pick. Then you need the timing signals. If you have a video source, use a sync strip IC (Elantec) to get the timing signals. Other wise use a PLL chip and an OSC to generate Syncs.

Hope it helps

You dont say what you are going to use it for
but if all you are going to do is display text or overlay text on video
the Bob-II or Bob-III is a good way to start

It uses a STV5730A and an Atmel on the Bob II version

It really simple to use and comes in both PAL and NTSC version

Hi there,
I would like to make a vu-meter with 7'' lcd screen.I will use this project for this.

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