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how to generate Electro magnetic pulse

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Jun 24, 2012
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Hi all,
I want to generate electromagnetic pulse and travel it through a SS rod.

How to generate this signal? Can anyone help me?

thanks in advance.

You should be more specific.

- specify the pulse in time or frequency domain
- an electromagnetic wave can't travel "through" a conductor. A wire or rod can be part of a transmission line so that the wave is guided at it's surface

Emphasis of my question should be on the word specify.

A pulse must be defined for Voltage, Current, Rise time , duty cycle.,
Other variables can be Power, bandwidth, energy, magnetic force, saturation level, leakage & Remanence.

The source, conductors and load must be defined in terms of impedance over frequency.

Otherwise it is undefined.

The simplest example I know is found in Espresso Coffee water pumps which operate at line frequency using a diode to half wave rectify and create a half sine pulse to the solenoid, which has internal spring mounted rod to resonate at line frequency and the rod extended to a diaphragm pump for low flow but high pressure and a fair amount of noise.

I may be wrong, but considering that the stainless stell rod was specified, I guess that the purpose of this is just to make an electric spark. Anyway, we´re still awaiting for hemnath's reply.

hemnath might plan a guided wave level radar. It can e.g. use two stainless steel rods or a coaxial transmission line configuration.

@FvM: yes you are right. I am planning to build guided wave level radar using the technique Time domain Reflectometry. where i would like to transmit low energy high frequency electromagnetic impulses along the stainless steel rod.

I believe the ground penetrating radar guys use a high voltage capacitor bank and a triggered spark discharge. A Google search may shed more light on that.

A more elegant way would be to use a high voltage capacitor bank formed into a pulse forming network, where you can control the shape and duration of the discharge waveform.

Generating the initial pulse is only half the problem.
The other half is designing an appropriate antenna capable of radiating the power.

My intention is to measure the fluid level in the tank using time domain reflectometry technique.

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