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How to gain 4G signal gain and GPS signal gain of SIM7600


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Apr 24, 2010
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Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh
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We use SIM7600G-H for an IoT project which is mobile and moving most of the time. We use the ordinary 4G GSM antenna and the GPS antenna.



Issue is, the signal gain is not satisfactory. While the device is in remote areas or middle of river, it can not communicate or can not get the GPS signal inside car/boats. But on that same place cell phones works fine.

Is there any way to boost the signal gain of 4G LTE network and the GPS signal so that it can work like the cell phone?
To enhance the signal gain for your SIM7600G-H module in remote or challenging environments, consider these streamlined strategies:

High-Gain Antennas​

  • 4G LTE: Upgrade to high-gain, omnidirectional antennas designed for 4G LTE. These are more effective at capturing weaker signals.
  • GPS: Use active GPS antennas with built-in amplifiers (LNAs) to boost signal reception.

External Antenna Placement​

  • Place antennas with a clear line of sight to the sky for GPS and towards cell towers for 4G LTE. Avoid obstructions and interference from metal objects or electronic equipment.

Antenna Diversity​

  • Implement antenna diversity by using multiple antennas for the same signal source. This improves reception through spatial diversity, especially beneficial for 4G LTE.

Signal Boosters and Repeaters​

  • 4G LTE: Consider using signal boosters to amplify and rebroadcast signals inside vehicles. Ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • GPS: GPS repeaters can amplify and retransmit GPS signals to areas with poor reception, such as inside vehicles.

System Design Optimization​

  • Eliminate internal interference and use high-quality, short cables for connecting antennas to minimize signal loss.

Software-Level Optimization​

  • Ensure your SIM7600G-H module's firmware is up to date for optimal signal handling. Adjust network selection settings to prioritize the strongest signal.

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