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How to digitize a map

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Oct 29, 2007
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how to digitize a map

can any one tell me how to digitize a map for real time gps based vehicle tracking system

how to digitize maps

First step is a digital camera, then you stream into your system and manually add in location specific data.

digitize map

i have scaned map but i dont what to do next

how to digitize map

its required to divided the map to small parts (like spots) and its need mathmatician to make some statistice, i think that

i hope ican give u some help

digitize a map


This is a simple approach according to my point of view.

You need to define a datum for you map. and to know the long and lat. of that point .
next thing you need to know the scale of your map.
Get info from GPS parse it and get your current location .
calculate the distance from you current location to the datum in Cartesian axis .
calculate How many pixels you need to move on your map from datum in order to go to your current location. "you need to use the map scale and know the reselution of your map Picture"
move according to your calculations

if you span big distances you need to do some transformations of the data you get from GPS.
Because the data you get from GPS are for sphere but you map is not.

Hossam Alzomor

why need to digitize map

Lucky I "stumble" on this topic, first thing first since I'm a new member, I shall introduce myself. My name is Daniel, I'm from Indonesia

I got this idea of making my "own" GPS, kinda like garmin. I know there's an easier way like uploading a digitized MAP to Garmin GPS with several software that available on the net. But, I'm just curious...

I can imagine how to extract data from a GPS Module to a MCU, (I've done the googling :D)

I know how to digitize a map using software such as ER Mapper and ARCView.

But the big question mark is how to use the digitized image to a display device such as LCD mini monitor or HMI LCD and then pinpoint the extracted coordinate from GPS on the image that is displayed in the LCD???

Is my idea impossible to be realized with that kind of concept that I got in my head??or is it possible with some adjustment here and there???

I'll greatly appreciate any suggestion and help...because I want to make a proposal to my employer that work in the field of GIS, and my aim is to use the map archive data in the place where I work not to just stuffed in cabinets and useless.

Thx all

how to digitize map

daniel-sb you can do that by having a ARM uC with enough memory connected to a lcd.Since ARMs can run linux your programming problem also decreases.Iḿ interested in your project let me know how it goes

digitalize map

ARM uC?hmmm...just heard about it...any more info, such as hardware (manufacture), tutorial link???


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