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How to design solar inverter In term of Mechanical Design?

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Jun 9, 2011
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I just join in one new project in Solar Inverter . I in charge of mechanical design . Can anyone suggest the best way to get this done (I've never done anything like this kind of product?)

I have access to Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5 but I dont know anything about the materials/ pricing/ manufacturing etc of this type of thing.

1) However I have not Idea at all in term of what are the best Enclosure design for Solar Inverter.

2)what material suitable to used for enclosure (Sheet Metal/Plastic or Aluminium Shell?)

3)How to assemble Sheet Metal to Sheet Metal( Is it need to used Insert ,what type of Insert?)

4) Got anyone did the Enclosure design for Solar Inverter by Using Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0, Please share with me so that I can have some idea on it. Thanks.

Any advice on any aspect of this welcome.


Your doing it wrong, you want the answers before you know the questions

First you should be listing your requirements:
What environmental conditions must the enclosure cope with
How much heat must it dissipate
Maximum weight and weight of components within
What should the cost ceiling be

i'm sure your capable of thinking up some more
etc etc

then tackle each question with answers and you should come up with a matrix sort
of cost/benefits etc etc.

And don't forget once you got all those, to search all avenues for ready-built/manufactured
items satisfying the solution before going to custom build

Then you can approach whomever is funding this for their input, etc etc

Know your competition's products.

You can search the forums to find out what they did right and what they did wrong.

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