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how to decode data coming from sony tv remote which use sirc protocol

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May 20, 2011
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hi. i am trying to use my tv remote for activate 5 relays. i know when a button on thee tv remote pressed which data is sending through tv remote. but problem when my receiver will receive this data how it will decode and recognize which data is send??? as far as i know it need capture and timer to decode signal coming from tv remote. but don't know how to use capture and timer to decode this signal and how is about using pic microcontroller and mikroc as compiler.please help me

Read here to understand how to decode the protocol:

Decoding the Sony IR protocol (SIRC) with a pic
SB-Projects: IR Remote Control, Sony SIRC Protocol

You need to input the signal to the microcontroller. You can use input capture module. You could also use the change interrupt. You need to measure the time the output is high or low, using timer or software delay. Then, decode the entire signal (how to do this can be found from the above links) and decide what to do with the result.

Hope this helps.
dear Tahmid,

i am also doing same Sony SIRC protocol decoder project. here i am trying to control RELAY by using 8051. in this project i am using SONY remote(SIRC protocol) controller to control the relays. already i have done this project by using PHILIPS(RC5 protocol) remote. but by using SONY remote i can not. some program code may be a wrong.i know protocol theory. in my project iam using TSOP1738 for receiving IR signals. i just want to save the "Commend" and "Address" values of each key from SONY remote. pls help me for this. pls give me a valuable tips to write a program.


Hi, the Sony remotes transmit data as 12bit number 7 bits command and 5 bits of device type. The logic 1 and 0 are encoded as about 1200us amd 600 us pulses. with a 2400us header. I have written a complete application in my free to download book in MikroBasic. you can download the book at

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