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How to deal with 2 ports or multiple ports in feko

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Oct 26, 2009
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I'm working with feko and my program contain 2 patch antennas but i can't really understand how feko deals with more than one port in the same program. As the output gain of the 2 antennas is smaller than the output gain of one of them.

I would be grateful if any one can help. Looking forward for your replies...

Thank you so much for your reply. The problem i'm facing is that i have to put more than one antenna in a cavity and each antenna is fed by probe. when only one inside the cavity the gain say 10 dB but when i add another one the gain decreases to 7 dB so i want to understand how feko deals with more than one probe in the design either. Is the power is divided over the two probes or what?

I have used editfeko and designed an antenna array and it was possible to set magnitudes and phases of each source. May the cavity geometry or source locations cause the reduction in the gain? Try changing the cavity size and the source locations and see what happens. Removing the cavity and trying with only two antennas may be a better starting point.

Thank you so much ferdem for your reply. I'm aware of all of that but with the cavity size and source location are constants, adding the second antenna causes decrease in the gain. I just want to make sure if FEKO divide the input power over the number of sources/feeds/probes exists in the project. I checked the manual but nothing helpful there regarding my issue.

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