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how to cut the burst pulse

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Mar 30, 2007
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now, i'm designing an ir receiver. i want to cut the burst pulse after comparator output, as the picture shows. VIN is the input here, the 24 burst pulse need be cut to 20 pulse, the following 12 burst pulse be cut to 10 pulse, i wonder how to realize this as simple as possible. i thought of timer and digital filter, but have no idea yet. someone tells me that, digital filter can realize the 'cut' function easily, but i don't find any related items (bpf, brf, lpf, hpf?). as i know, digital filter can include basic cells (adder, multiplier, delay cell), but i wonder what is the popular structure for these basic cells, and what is the scope of a normal digital filter?
thanks all.


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hi, FvM and Syncopator, can you explain more? thanks.

Not sure how a digital filter would do that.

The simplest would likely be to use a microprocessor. When it detects 24 counts it would output 20 counts. When it detects 12 counts, it would output 10.

can you explain more
Explain what? I didn't yet hear a clear problem. You are showing an arbitrary case of two bursts and asking for a specific processing. But you don't define an implementable algorithm. May be it's in your head, but it isn't in the diagram.

Simple example, what's the exact criterion to cut the burst after 10 pulses? At this time, you don't know the final burst length. Or do you mean, any burst following another one has to be cut after 10 pulses. If so, what's the maximum gap? Etc.

Or the output has to be delayed. Then the diagram is incorrect.

the input is periodic with some 24 burst and 12 burst (24 and 12 here just an example). in ideal case, the effective burst should be 20 and 10 for the two burst pulses, but in reality,due to non-ideality, it may be more than 20 and 10 seperately (24 and 12 for example), i just want to cut them to get the desired 20 and 10 burst case, the delay (if not very large) is not my cocern.

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