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How to clean LCD screen? Any ideas?

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Apr 14, 2002
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How to clean LCD screen?

My notebook LCD screen is dirty, I don't know how to clean it? What is about using Glass cleaner spray? Does it working?

try water first

Your best bet would be to first try a small amount of water on a soft paper like used in the kitchen or bathroom. Water damages fewer things than any other solvent.

Instead of paper, use a soft cotton. Remember where
paper comes from. It is too harsh to use on plastic. My
favorite cleaning cloth is the material used to make your
own baby diapers. Soft and lint-free.

just use soft cloth

Get a 3M high performance cloth.

No water, no strain and lint-free.

You can use it for your glasses, monitor, LCD and your CD-ROM too. Worth the money, I promise.

Re: How to clean LCD screen?

I found a product called OPTIX made by a company called MIRACHEM. It's reasonably priced and works well.

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Re: How to clean LCD screen?

HI All,
Use glass cleaner. Spray it on a rag first then wipe untill it dry.

Re: How to clean LCD screen?

No!!!! Make sure you don't use a glass cleaner that has ammonia, vinegar or alcohol. They can damage your screen!! Also, make sure your "soft cloth" is lint free for best results.

Re: How to clean LCD screen?

You'd better not to spray the cleaner (which satisfies the conditions in the above post) directly to the screen. Spray on the soft cloth, then wipe the LCD monitor..

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