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How to charge a 12v 10AH inverter battery

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Jul 14, 2011
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How to charge a 12v 10AH of an inverter battery . please give me a method or any schematic diagram.

For charging Seal Lead Acid Batteries
Their are two options 1) Fast charging method will take 5 - 6 hours and needs complicated circuit because of the charging method. 2) Float charging method will take upto 16 hours and most commonly used ,for float type charging apply 2.25 V to each cell i.e.. for a 12V battery which have total 6 cells you will need 6 * 2.25 = 13.5V.Apply regulated 13.5 VDC to your battery for about 16 hours assuming its already discharged upto 70% of its total capacity.

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please give me any circuit of power supply to charge this.

Download the STMicroelectronics datasheet of LM317 ,in their you will find a circuit for 12V battery charger or else you can search in google for 13.5 VDC power supply circuit.Anyway if you use LM317 voltage regulator,remember its a linear regulator if the difference between the input voltage with the output is too big then you will loose a lot of power in form of heat.You can use switching regulators but that will be a bit complex.

Link for LM317's datasheet

Good Luck

How to charge a 12v 10AH of an inverter battery . please give me a method or any schematic diagram.

You can use search field in upper right corner of your screen, and you will find lots threads with this topic circuits.

Read battery manufacturer datasheet about cycling charging voltage, maximum charging current, and rest datas.

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