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How to Burn the microcontroller by interfacing it with PC?

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Aug 18, 2009
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how to burn a microcontroller

Dear Friends...!!!

I have a code of step motor in C language and it compiles successfully and i also have the HEX file... it works that is when i press Left arrow key motor rotate left and when i press right arrow key from my computer keyboard i rotates to right..

(Actually one of my friend have done all that, but now i want to do it my self :) )

NOW plz tell me how i attach the microcontroller to my PC through serial port,

how i design the circuit on the breadboard and how to connect it with PC???

(i really new to this world...!!!)

I am very thankful to u people to help me out...!!!

how to burn microcontroller with pc

You have to tell us the microcontroller you want to program. But you can search over the internet for a schematic of a programmer. There is a lot of simple programmers, for a microcontroller.


how to burn microcontroller

Hi itslucky

First u need to Program The Microcontroller and Need to interface the MAX 232 Converter to convert the MAX232 to TTL Logic. So that the Microcontroller knows what instructions is coming from Keyboard

Update me if u want more help


Re: how to burn microcontroller

hi prabakaran
thanks for the info.......... how to program the microcontroller initially.................

Re: how to burn microcontroller

Basically there are two types of programming modes for microcontroller...

1. ICP/IAP (Inircuit/InApplication Programming)
2. ISP (Insystem Programming)

Every microcontroller manufacturer supports a JTAG (debugger/loader) for loading the program. For this debugging/loading pins will be can check the datasheet for these pins.
Also you can program the microcontroller using it's serial port. If there are more than one serial ports,You can't use any serial port of microcontroller, you have to check the datasheet which can be used to load.

For this u need a RS-232 to TTL translator like MAX232. Because PC supports RS-232 & your microcontroller generally supports TTL levels. Keep in mind that there can be microcontrollers which support CMOS levels too.

From the PC serial port u have to use Rx,Tx,GND,DTR,RTS pins.
Re: how to burn microcontroller

Every microcontroller manufacturer supports a JTAG (debugger/loader) for loading the program.

Not 8 bit controller from atmel, philips, maybe PIC supports. its the presence of bootloader support that makes ISP, IAP, or jtag support. If controller has bootloader support then the controller supports these feature.

Keep in mind that there can be microcontrollers which support CMOS levels too.

Can you give example for this

I wanted to mention about bootloader but didn't want to confuse him too much....
Shouldn't have mentioned "Every microcontroller"....thanks for correcting...

Moreover, ya there are several microcontrollers like 80C51,87C51 from philips which support CMOS level....
Even in PIC you can take the example of PIC16C65/75...
There are several others too.

As per the context of his question, it seems he is concerned with loading only....

next time u also mention which microcontroller u r working on or planned to work on...

Re: how to burn microcontroller

Do you mean how to write program for micocontroller or how to burn the hex code into controller.

Am telling about burn the Hex code.pls tell me how to create hex file in Keil complier and IAR Complier.

when you compiler in the output window you can see the text creating hex file.. that means after linking hex file is created.......

if not go to compiler options and enable the box for generate hex file...

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