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how to build an inductor????

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Jul 24, 2002
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how build a inductor????

I want a build a inductor for high frequency and i don't have a measuring device only i have a multimeter i can build a circuit where i can see how is the measure of one inductor in high frequency, somebody have a circuit??? :?

grid dip oscilator

You need a GDO drid dip oscilator

it is a beet freq device that tunes a known inductor for a range of freq across a meter scale
giveing indication of the resonant freq of the circuit

becouse of the nature of inductors several peeks may be found

so the stongest dip in the meter is the higher Q factor of the coil coils or tanks parallel / series tank circuit your tuning up

a tip for hf dc - 30 mhz is use solid think copper

for vhf >30mhz thin silver and above thin solid silver

use pens and drills as formers {the non fluted end and wind a turn of tape round if you use enamaled wire }

this is quite precise from a known drill diameter

i trust this helps

a GDO can be made {look on the net for GRID DIP OSCILATOR}

or i bought one for 80 euro made by altai {i replaced there crumby poly cap with a nice silver cap the same value and calibrated it with a known coil from the set {you get five six or ten with it and each coil can calibrate the next scale } some are better than others

and valves work better than fets for this im convinced ages ago ./././ i also have an AVO gdo this is my treasured one as it rare to find and very expensive 200 - 300 euro ...


U help me friend, now i have some idea where i can start thanks!!! 8O

if you're going to build air coils, use the wheeler formular for calculation...

Or this.



Well i think this will help me very much with my project!!!! thanks everybody!!!!!!!!! 8O

Re: gracias!!!

Try this one too, very good for small cils ,high frequency,includes parasitics. Written by ALKEngineering(

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