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how to achieve faster attack time on noise gate circuit

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Apr 20, 2011
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how to achieve faster attack time on audio noise gate circuit


In audio noise gate circuit design , how to achieve faster attack time?
What does the noise gate circuit look like? How can we do it in IC design?

In other words if the audio input signal is say less than 1mvpeak, we should gate the noise( mute the signal). What circuit will achieve this?
what to do achieve faster attack time (100usec) (ie time to go from mute to unmute, ie when the signal is greater than 1mvpeak) ?

Have you got a delay line between the audio input and the noise gate?
Points to a basic dilemma. A classical analog noise gate has no option to implement a delay line with acceptable signal quality. If you think about a state-of-the-art digital delay, you'll end up with a fully digital effect processor.

An analog noise gate without delay line has to observe causality of the level based decision. Fast attack in combination with low threshold level implies a high likelihood of triggering on noise events. If you don't mind, go ahead with the analog design.

What do you mean by noise pulse processing compensation?

is the audio signal delayed until noise gate does it work ?

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@FvM, Do you mean that noise events get triggered? Please explain? I will do analog design, do you know the circuit architecture that does this? can you explain?

I previously forgot to ask what you mean by achieve faster attack time on noise gate circuit? Which known noise gate circuit you're referring to?

Trigger on noise events: I simply mentioned, that setting both fast attack and low treshold in an analog design brings up a risk of false unmuting.

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