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how small can you make a gps/gsm tracker

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Feb 14, 2009
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simcom gl100

Hello All,
I am trying to get made as small as possable a gps/gsm tracker. The smallest we have been told that can be made is 40x60x20 does anydoby know if it is possable to make a smaller one? (please accept my appolagises for my ingorance if this a silly question):D

agps gsm

Not true. We are using GL-100 from simcom whiich is only 25mmx15mm. We are still in development process. The product is not tested fully.

making a gps tracker

Based on our tests, GL-100 is fine. However, we see that the GPS fixing takes a long time. We are continuing to test it. Have you heard of gs.traq? I dont think it is available yet in market, we got through a distibutor in CA. it is lot nicer and performance is not bad. Even cost is lot lesser around $120.

gps gsm tracker

Hi Wesser,

I've been designing GPS stuff since 2000, and have a very nice device.

ARM 946 CPU @78MHz with 8MB Flash + 2MB PSRAM MCP combo (M36WOR6040T1)
3 SIM cards: One InSIM + One SMD and One on Connector.
Has 3 buttons and 2 bicolor LEDs that can be mounted on top or sideways.
Has external SPI Flash, like an AT45DB321D for history recording.
Vibrator, Mic and Speaker.
Uses last generation GPS with 50 channel (GNSS + Galileo) with: 1M correlators, 4 fixes per second, AGPS, SuperSense indoor, etc.
Helicoidal GPS and 5 Band GSM Patch antennas.
Inertial 3 axis sensor for continuous location underwater or in tunnels.
LBS location with DODT to 10m
Audio through GPRS (VoIP)
1400mAh battery for long time without charging.

Board size: 42X53mm; Total height with battery: 10mm

On the software size:
Optimized packet tranfer (use full max MTU)
Full Siemens Vehicle Tracker 1.37 Protocol
Custom protocol aviable
FTP firmware update

BOM ~ U$ 80 for 10K pieces

Best regards

make a gps tracker

The suggested MCP solution sounds interesting, I tried to Google but with limited results.

Can you by any chase reveal any more information about that, maybe a data sheet?

/regards aslm
gl 100 +gps

Hi Aslm,
The cpu I use is the WMP50/100/150 depending on the application. For automotive spec, the 150 is the only one that goes to 125°C.
The combo can be any, but the minimum required is this size. As you update the firmware you need at least twice the size prior to erasing/burning. **broken link removed** is now a joint venture between STMicroelectronics and Intel. This MCP **broken link removed** is still manufactured for these small gadgets, but require lots of 10K minimum. But you may opt to use a bigger one or use separated chips from off-the-shelf devices.
The point is, the CPU doesn't comes with any RAM/ROM so you set what you need.
Hope this helps,


how to make small gps

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Re: gps gsm tracker

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