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how much this EDA Tools Cost

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Nov 7, 2001
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hi all,

can any one tell me the price of a perpetual license of these eda tools for windows or linux

Synopsys VCS
Synopsys Desgin Compiler
Synopsys Prime time
Synopsys Hspice

Cadenec LDV
Cadence AMbit Buildgtes
cadence silicon ensemble

modelsim+ Hdl designer series
leonardo spectrum
Fpga advantage
Aldec Active HDL


For a Company or for a University? Because University licenses are much cheaper (they sometimes offer limitted support however). For example, in Europe you can buy any major toolset (Synopsys, Mentor, Cadence) for up to 2500 Euro.

i need the prices for a company


u can get it from the company's local sales office

You have to specify what features you who. For example, inside design compiler, beside the basic, it have more than 10 other features. The price added can be as high as US$1M for a complete DC set.

u can link to ---> or>**broken link removed** can got u want info .
Almost eda tools company promo ,new and dac message post to here.
And u n search tools and prices.

That's a secrete ! There are a list price for every tool and every feature. But the price you pay reflect your art of dealing. Remember the marginal cost of a tool is minimal so the EDA can afford to sell a dime for a dollar worth of software. It's a complicate isuue that require a long time to explain. If you want the list price, read the press release of EDA company

The best way is contacting with the sales of these EDA company. In fact, these tools are very expensive. hehe

Believe it or not, the prices are depended on "where, when, and who" you quote it. 40% off from the listing price should be normal... :)

...and leading company enjoys up to 70% discount...

just call the sales, you will get the price ( upper bound) , after that it depends on your negotiation ability to get the lower bound.

Very expensive if you buy all of the tools. And you should know what the feature you want.Don't have overlap function if you buy them.

It is very expensive for several millions us dollars, and you can get the price list by associating the synopsys office in your zone.

It depends on the number of icenses

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