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How I did own LED Screen - Led Line

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Sep 26, 2011
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Poland, Ruda Slaska
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LED Banner

FrontSide.JPG BanerLED_Construction.jpg

The Line LED it's component is an basic element of the LED screen. Equipment used for the construction of 128 lines LED. Running PC on Linux Debian is very advanced remote display. I was working with a webmaster to running a web server, ftp, mySQL.

See, how it is made LED Screen - LED Line

LED Line

The design is based on a connected in series to form a row LED lines of pixels in the RGB system. In this project, four in a row LED Lined combined together giving 192 LEDs. One pixel must have three primary color LEDs in red, green and blue. Different levels of individual LED light make it at 10 meters you can see multicolored light point. Consequently, all the rows make a screen resolution. In this case, it is 64 x 32 points.

LedClose.JPG LedLineInner.jpg Inside.JPG


Published PCB and the software in source code form to make it easier or save time for each designer. PCB LED line is so versatile project that you can use in many different applications.


Chip MBI5031.
Led Line is based on this chip. It has its own PWM generator. You can get 4095 levels of gray. I reduced the number to 256 levels. RGB pixel so that it has 16 million colors.


Schematics LED Line

Schematics LED Line tester

PCB and Schematics demonstration how to send data to MBI5031. (Sources in asm and C, for AVRStudio). View attachment

now that's an impressive project !! best one i've seen so far for large led matrix displays. What sort of power is it sucking up ?

where could i source some of those MBI5301's from ? and at what approx price ?

Thank you very much kripacharya.
hehe... What sort of power is it sucking up ? I gave power supply 5V, 60A. But the LED screen on average takes 1/3 of the power supply.

Here you can buy MBI - shop in Poland - **broken link removed**

Good job,But why you used so much PCB?RGB.png
I think if you used like this PCB an module,That' better and easy.

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Good job,But why you used so much PCB?RGB.png
I think if you used like this PCB an module,That' better and easy.

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