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how i can check my xbee

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Apr 22, 2011
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hello evrey one,

i am trying to send data from pic18 threw convertor logic levels( 5 to 3.3) to my xbee , i connected my xbee to vcc=3.3v ,GND and DIN ,
i want to get the data in my other xbee and to send it back to the pic 18 . so i connectd the other xbee to VCC=3.3V,GND and DOUT.

i didnt succeded to transmit the data any one knows what can be the problem?

did i needed to connect other legs of the xbee?


thank you for your replay,

do i need to initialization the XBees?

how i can do it?

i thought i just sending data from the pic's and connect it to the legs on the xbee .
what do you mean about the initialization ?

if i want to check if data is sends i can check what values are in Dout?


There are a couple of ways to setup the XBees by downloading a particular firmware. If you are using Digi's XBee which look like the following:


Then check out their website:

XBee® ZB ZigBee® RF Modules

Download their Utility:


And the docs for X-CTU:

There are a lot of useful docs under Documenation Tab on the first link on this reply. There are even schematics for a RS-232 Test Board in their dev kits.

Download everthing related item, study it and then post any questions you may have. I'll see if I can find any other useful configuration examples.

After you've install X-CTU software on your PC, you'll need to setup a RS-232 connection with the PC and the XBee using a MAX232 or similar chip. You should be able to establish communications between the X-CTU and XBee to verify the XBees are configured correctly. Are you using Series 2 or Series 1 Xbees? They are not compatible, so sure they are the same Series.

I've attached the User Manual, which seems to be difficult to find on Digi's website. It details the difference between the two modes of configuration, Transparent (AT) and API mode. You'll need to ensure the XBees are in AT Mode. This is very similar to a modem with an AT command set. You'll need a RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver compatible with 3.3v to build the serial connection to your PC, the MAX232 is 5V. Check the link out below:

**broken link removed**

And I stand corrected you will need to use the level shifter you mentioned for your final project.


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hello bigdogguru

i am going to buy a usb explorer that i think will help to connect to the pc

i understood that i need to burn each xbee by this usb explorer in the x-ctu program,and after that insert them to my microcontrollers (pic18f452)

this is the link to the usb explorer:

XBee Explorer USB - SparkFun Electronics

you think it would be good enough to comunicate with x-ctu each xbee?

littel remark : i think the xbees are from series1 , one xbee is from maxstream model 4214A. the second xbee is from digi model 4214A s1

thank you for all your help



I think that would be a good idea. It has the X-CTU link under the documents section, proven design and should allow you to test and configure your XBees.

And your correct, those are Series 1 XBees and to reiterate they are not compatible with Series 2 devices.

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