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How easy is it to get poisoned from lead solder?

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Dec 6, 2013
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I have a concern about solder, I find my self in situations where I want to keep a piece of solder 1mm diameter between my teeth.
You see I have the solder iron in one hand and need to do some other thing with my other hand and I can get real precision while keeping the solder between my front teeth. Now that does not feel as a good idea but I have tried a few different ways such as having some sort of clip to fix the solder in and then keep that clip between my front teeth.

Some people have thought that I am very strange indeed whilst doing this but I can't keep my self from soldering like that because it enables usage of a extra hand while capable of soldering anything and everything in one go.

But I have no idea of how easily does that nasty lead sneak into my body?

I have learned that there are no symptoms of lead poisoning except mental confusion(can't remember the English word), and I can't honestly tell because of reasons not pertinent to the discussion of solder I live in a constant state of anything from mild to very severe confusion every day of my life.
I have no problem at all in talking about this but it has to do with functional disability's and I can't explain anything about that without feeling that it would just bother people.
But that means that I can't tell if something would cause these kinds of effects on me, kind of being unable to tell if the bench you are sitting on is wet and would make your pants wet if you already was soaking wet when you sat down.
But I have gotten the will to go to the doctor to take blood samples to see if I have exposed my self to any harm.


It certainly isn't advisable but as long as you don't swallow it the risk is low. If you DO swallow any, seek medical advice immediately, both lead and tin, the other dominant metal are poisonous and will dissolve is stomach acids then enter your blood stream. They both have the effect of reducing mental agility but more importantly, they are cumulative poisons. The rate they leave the body is slow so the concentration builds up to irreversible danger level before any serious symptoms are noticed.

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I do not hold solder in my teeth nor with my toes.
instead I fasten down the item I am soldering and hold the solder in one hand and the soldering iron in the other hand, or I fasten down the solder and hold the item to be soldered in one hand and the soldering iron in the other hand.
Some handicapped people have only one hand and they have no problems soldering things.

Thanks, I was having visions of the tail in one clip and the head in the other. :-D
Living in a fishing village I thought the magnifier was to help fishermen exaggerate about their catches.


I have tried all mentioned strategies but they do not allow the flexibility and freedom that my way gives me, I know its weird but I can't see why I should not do it that way if it have no danger to it. I sure don't swallow anything but will give the other ways a new try anyway. I mean I do not solder like that 100% of the time but quite often.

Thanks for your inputs.


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