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How does Maple differ from Metlab?

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Lord Loh.

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Jun 19, 2004
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Maple and Metlab?

I just read about Maple 10 in IEEE spectruma nd was wondering how Maple is different from Metlab... What are the two softwares used for?

Maple and Metlab?

Dear Lord

the MATLAB is one of the best simulation and modelling and programming software also have extended toolboxes and simulation environments.

maple is for calculus purposes not for programing.

I think MATLAB is better than for all problems except for rapig calculations.


Maple and Metlab?

You have to know that matlab integrates the Maple kernel. Indeed, you can perform maple functions under matlab, just type:


to view the help on this function, type:
help maple

Re: Maple and Metlab?

Matlab is best suited for doing numerical calcuations (although it can do symbolic as well if you have some toolboxes installed). It is geared toward block diagram based system and is ideal for signal processing, control systems and algorithm development for these.

Maple is an excellent symbolic mathematics package. It can do numerical as well but its strength is in symbolic mathematical manipulation of all types.

Maple and Metlab?

This "help Maple" does not seem to work on Scilab 3.1.1 ?

Re: Maple and Metlab?

i'm not surprised, matlab is not scilab and scilab is not matlab. Anyway with regard to the maple vs matlab discussion, matlab is more useful for Engineers, maple is more useful for mathematician since maple is capable of outputing actual formulas whereas matlab is limited to numerical values. however matlab is more powerful in terms of analysing data, which maple cannot do. Another application of note is mathcad, which I find very useful. It also can do data processing, however it is not as flexible and powerful as matlab, and it cannot return equations similar to those returned from maple. the main advantage of mathcad is that you do not have to learn sytax, if you ever did any significant engineering mathematics course then you would love this due to the "what you see is what you get" nature of the program.
hope this helps.

Re: Maple and Matlab?

It is often said that Maple is for symbolic calculation what Matlab is to numerical calculation.

I do not agree with this view. First of all, Matlab has a huge package of toolboxes to suit the engineer, which is far beyond Maple. Designing filters, even exotic sigma-deltas, is really easy in Matlab. Although some people like it more than I do, Simulink can sometimes make this a little easier still.

Maple has only a limited application range, in my opinion. Quick symbolic calculations and even writing short programs can be done in Maple, but as soon as it becomes serious, people will revert again to Matlab for elaborate numerical analysis and to Mathematica for in-depth symbolic analysis.

An additional reason why I don't like Maple, is that it is full of bugs, mostly related to convergence. Once I tried drawing a simple Monte Carlo plot, and Maple would refuse to get the axis definitions right due to some program fault. So even the graphical options, for which Maple is sometimes acclaimed (especially when people see vector plots or animations), are not as solid as one would hope.

Maple and Metlab?

Yeah, with Matlab you can do almost everything you do with Maple, The ploblem with Matlab is that it doesnt display the results as Maple does. Besides that Maple has some implemented functions not included in Matlab


Maple and Metlab?

another remark:
v_c said :
"Maple is an excellent symbolic mathematics package"

that is absolutely right!!

matshasm said:
"Maple has only a limited application range, in my opinion."

well, give an example and we'll see!
but,"it is full of bugs, mostly related to convergence", that's right but always depending on what version u re running.

to Lord Loh.,
if u re trying to do with scilab or octave what u do with maple, check if there is syhing like th "symbolic toolbox" in Matlab. If yes, the big problem is resolved.

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