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how do i do a place and route

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Feb 10, 2006
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i got a gds file, and need to conduct place and route in cadence
how do i go about doing place and route?

i had stream in the gds file, what happenes after here?
how do i create the symbol, and other things?


gds file is useful only after the completion of place & route, so plz again go through your complete flow again and after the layouting step of each block, place and then route it according to specifications given to you, then try to get gds file for complete design.

you can directloy read-in gds in encounter. or convert to lef file and then readin

I assume that the gds file that you have is the IO ring, standard cell and macro gds file.

Step by step for you to start place and route:
1. Convert all the gds into LEF file. I am not aware that Cadence Encounter can help you to do this conversion. But you can always try Cadence ICFB tool. Remember only metal 1 layer and above needed in the LEF file.
2. Then you need to have netlist describe your design.
3. You need to complete your floorplan as well. Basic requirement for your floorplan before place and route will be the core area definition include the placement row definition, power planning.
4. So at this this point, you will have LEF file, design netlist, floorplan ready. From here you can start doing place and route using Cadence Encounter tool.
i think cafukarfoo is correct and u can proceed doing that way. thanks for rising this topic. it even helped me.

If you are using silicon ensemble for your place and route, this website has a pretty good tutorial

Most of the US Univs have a tutorial for the cadence tools that they maybe using and quick google search will give you the links for any of the tools that you maybe using.

Hope that helps..


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