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How can u convert square wave signal to sine wave

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Aug 26, 2007
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convert square wave to sine wave

I have been working on aninverter but I found out the inverter could not power on a television or computer monitor.I think probably the problem is due to the characteristics of the output waveform,which is square.Please how can I solve this problem?[/url]

how to convert square wave output to sinewave

Use a passive low-pass filter. Mostly an inductor in series with your load or a capacitor in parallel. But you never get a real nice 50 or 60Hz sinewave.
how to convert square to sine

Change your inverter with modified sine wave
Or, Professor Mark Csele's Projects Page - The I2K Power Inverter
convert sine wave to square wave

I think output power of inverter is not sufficient,
so its output voltage dropped when connect to load.
convert square to sine wave

Re 12v-220v modified sine wave inverter reply by didiet78. I appreciate your reply to my request. I have look through the circuit diagram but the text is written in a language i don't understand. The transformer in the inverter schematics, is it not a laminated core transformer? Can u please direct me to the site where i can get detail of the schematics.Thanks a lot
converting a square wave to sine wave

well powering up a tv needs very high voltage and hence pulse transformers are used for this purpose... they r specialised to have square wave as their input,,,, ordinary transformers suffer in the case of pulse due to the abrupt transition...

how to convert square wave to sine wave

Some cases, people can convert the squarewave voltage to sinewave one by using the resonance transformer with primary winding connected to the square source, and the secondary in parallel with a capacitor making a resonance circuit at that frequency and providing the sinewave output. The sinewave here is perfect.
sine wave 12v-220v pdf

It is possible to filter also 3rd and 5th order harmonics by swicthing a square wave at defined timmings. See that :

The implementation bellow works with 2 levels of waveform. In practice, is harder to implement. The solution purposed above is easier to perform.


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