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How can I write my own software to program AT89S52?

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Jan 17, 2005
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at89s52 programa

I know about the cable used to program this chip. (from aec electronics)
How can I write my own software to program this chip?

Re: AT89S52

Do you want to write an application program which will be stored into microcontroller flash or
a PC software program that uses the ISP cable to program whatever compiled code ?


hi...i just do the same just go the atmel site to download the software for the`s an easy way to download ur program into the MicroC ;)

Re: AT89S52

But I am unable to program the microcontroller. I have used 74HC245 buffer but still the micro is not detectable. I have used the cable from AEC electronics.

Re: AT89S52


Try this link

**broken link removed**

This is the one worked for me.



I built a text editor in DOS mode, include AEC ISP, and asm compiler. The schematic for the cable is included in the software. You can use or copy it freely, go to:


**broken link removed**

the keyword is EaseMicro51. I have test the software and run in DOS, Win95, Win98, and WinXP, but not tested in Win2000 yet. You can mail me for the source code if you want.


Re: AT89S52

Using the Atmel AT89S52 datasheet, I built my own ISP software using VB6.
Because of some timing problems, it is a bit slower. But still I can now put any functionality into it.:D:D:D

Re: AT89S52

nvd said:
Using the Atmel AT89S52 datasheet, I built my own ISP software using VB6.
Because of some timing problems, it is a bit slower. But still I can now put any functionality into it.:D:D:D

Is this something you will share including VB sourse?


Re: AT89S52

I am working on that. Once that's complete, I will post that here with the source code.


you can DIY a programmer, use google to serch, there's much solutions.


Try this one **broken link removed**
I used it for about 2 years

Hello NVD,

can you share the VB Source Code with me?

thanks in advance!

Such an old thread!

I have not yet decided to make it open source.

Nevertheless, I can share the compiled version (though it has some problems).

I have to dig in my code to finalize it and then create an installer.


hi...could you guys tell me how to write an ISP for a microcontroller??atleast some tutorials or basics..i googled but it was quite hard for me to get the me out.

I think the best way is to read the datasheet of AT89S51,52.

They have the timing diagrams and other tips.

I am not sure about the source code though.

for the benefit of forum members who like to write
their own isp code for 89s51 or 52:

the flash data to be programmed into 89s51 is sent in serial format.
(called as spi protocol)

in SPI there is a Master and a Slave.
if a PC is used in programming 89s51 , then PC is the Master
and 89s51 is the Slave.

(Master is the sender and Slave is the receiver)

there are mainly fourlines:

in our example since 89s51 is Slave , we put it appropriate level.

PC place the databit in MOSI line of 89s51
and applies a pulse in the SCK line.

this is one bit and 89s51 reads the bitdata in MOSI under the SCK line
and stores and assembles it.

for any number of bytes to be sent to 809s51
send it bit by bit.

one must prepare the 89s51 in the SPI mode by controlling RESET line of 89s51.

in SPI programming to 89s51 use:
MOSI and SCK (controlled by PC)
and RESET and SlaveSelct of 89s51 in appropriate level.

once programming is over , remove the RESET line from the earlier level , and 89s51 will start reading from 0000h.


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