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How can i test INL/DNL

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Jan 9, 2006
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inl dnl

hi. now i study mixed signal and design D/A converter.

i don't know how can i test INL/DNL.

pleas help me and recommend text book about a measurement(test).

thank you!

dnl inl

simulation with hspice get the data
then use matlab to calculate INL&DNL


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Hi, allan_guo: can you explain detailed?

inl dnl calculation

For exam a 3bit DAC,you can simulate with 000...111 and get the output voltage.
then load those data with matlab.
If you want to get INL :caculate the ideal LSB,may be [vout(max)-vout(min)]/7
then you can get the ideal value of each input digital data000..111.
then use you simulation data and ideal data you can figure out INL.
DNL is in the same way.
You must write matlab program to caculate.
not very clear!


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adc inl dnl

using Matlab!!
It is powerful tool


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dnl inl adc

how would u like to using spectre?

Added after 20 seconds:

how would u like to using spectre?

how to measure dnl inl

Where can get matlab code to calculate INL&DNL ?
thank you a lot

inl and dnl measurement

@ maxim dallas's website. ADC exactly, DAC is not sure,but it's easier than ADC

histogram inl dnl

Go thru the followings...down load....there is a dedicated chapter on what u need....

good one.....smooth and free running.....

hope would help you...

testing inl

I don't want to simualte result. I want to test in chip. I used switchs in my board so I make 0..0~1..1 I think this way is not right. Please tell me another method to measure INL/DNL. Thank you.

inl dnl matlab

Hi surno,
I thought the above book by Kester would help you most.

But any way; You can go through the followings. As I have not spent enough time ; I cannot give you in nutshell. But I guess you will definitely get help.

1. <<website of ADI; lots of documents for ADC/DAC. You also can subscribe to myanalog free>>

2. <<good one too>>

3. Plassche: Book on ADC/DAC: Good one: Has two versions: Available in this board.

I can suggest you one more practical way. You can write to ADI guys. Some times they even give evaluation board etc. If you understand how they test their DAC/ADC; hope could add lots of flavour in your work. But don't forget abot the time overhead it demands.

Gd. Luck...

inl and dnl in matlab

you could use a method of "code density", and refer to "an introduction to mixed-signal ic test and measurement" or ""

code matlab for inl and dnl

Hi all,i want same.
How to test the ADC chip for INL/DNL once ADC chip is fabricated.
i think we do DC test.i.e by giving ramp input check outputs from output pins.
can any one explained detailed about this.

inl,dnl measurement

Hi rajashekar333,
If you are not significantly done by this time, in my opinion the Histogram test method is the best one for DNL/INL test. Reference would be the kesters book and IEEE standard (in reference of Kester's book).

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