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How can I simulate the PBG/EBG in ADS Momentum ?

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Feb 12, 2005
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ebg ads momentum

How can I simulate the PBG/EBG in ADS Momentum ?
I have to etch out the ground plane to make EBG. How this can be done in momentum? How can I define the ports in momntum? The PGB is used as a ground plane. There is no other ground. An stripline is over this PGB.



momentum defected ground

Maybe HFSS is better for this simulation.


ads ebg

You can do a driven model solution...that is get the S-parameters for one unit-cell and then apply Bloch-Floquet Theory to generate the dispersion diagram.
ebg momentum

This caught my interest since momentum is an open boundry MOM simulator. I searched and found this:

**broken link removed**

Looks like you need to create a layer for your defective ground plane and assign a ground reference port to it. I have done similar structures in Sonnet and Microwave Office. They both are closed boundry thus have sidewalls so the ground layer is grounded to the box sidewalls around the perimeter. It would be intersting to see the results between the to types of tools.

Agood example on PBG using Microwave Office...

Simple PBG Structures Serve Microwave Designs
Photonic bandgap structures offer the potential of low-cost fabrication and good bandstop characteristics for a variety of active and passive microwave circuits.

**broken link removed**

If you want project files of MWO & Sonnet let me know....


Thanks for replies for all.

I also think HFSS is better solution for EBG, it takes more time.I have seen the paper by Zhang and Mansour (IMS2004) in which they have used the Momentum.
Momentum is much fatser than HFSS, but HFSS gives more acuurate results.
How can we appl the periodic bounadry conditions in HFSS, I am trying to define for 1-D periodic microstrip EBG, it gives the error.
Can we define the periodic boundary on the face we are launching the power.(i.e. plane wave)



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