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How can I set In @ds to analysis PA?

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Oct 3, 2002
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especially to analysis IP3 and 1dB Compress,I could not understand its help. Could you should me an simple example and detail explanation?
Thank you!

I never heard of measuring IP3 of a PA.. usually it is the P1dB compression that is most important, because unlike linear small signal stages (where its IM3 is 3:1 almost always from its fundamental), in PAs this ration is not 3:1 (the IP3 curve), and it is power level dependent; i.e. the IP3 line is not a straight line, so there is no point in talking about IP3.

Concerning ADS simulation, you did not specify what you component you are trying to simulate? is it a built in theoretical model of the PA (a generic PA module found in the ADS library), or are you trying to simulate an ACTUAL PA circuit that you entered in the schematics (including devices models..etc)?
Please be more specific...

Have a look at my Linearity tutorial at

**broken link removed** under systems & devices - I have done a IM3/IM5 & 1dB compression point ADS example. :eek:

odyseus said:
Have a look at my Linearity tutorial at

**broken link removed** under systems & devices - I have done a IM3/IM5 & 1dB compression point @DS example. :eek:

I only saw you result on the site,but no schematic of it, I don't know HOW TO SET/CONFIG in @ds that will analysis the IM3/IM5 &1dB compression point.
Could you tell me? or give me a simple example or prj?
Thank you very much

You can get some useful information in the menu of designguide (PA design).

Where to this part (PA design)?

brian39 said:
Where to this part (PA design)?

In schematic Menu-->Design Guide-->Amplifier-->> 2-Tone Nonlinear Simulations..

You select whatever you want to simulate.

For finding IP3 you should use 2 tone simulation ,

IP3= Intercept Point Third Harmonic .Two close cignal are applied to find

2W2-W1 or 2W1-W2 or vice-versa..

Good Luck

For more Information

T.T. Ha " Solid State Microwave Amplifier Design" , Krieger Publishing 1981

Good Luck

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