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How can I create a link in Linux?

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Sep 19, 2006
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Hi everyone!!!

I have two questions

1. How can I create a link in linux?? (pointer to another file or directory).

2. Can anyone let me know how can I change the owner, group and permissions of a link in linux??? When using the chmod command links are not affected!!!

Thanks for your help,


linux links

1. To create a link, use this command: ln.
2. See manpage for details.

linux links

If U are using KDE or Gnome as your default desktop U can use the default file manager and your mouse to create links, in konquror select the file and with the right mouse button pull the file where you'ld like the link to be release the button and select 'link here'

Re: linux links

You can create links with the "ln" command. There are two sorts of links:

Hard Links: (ln)

This is really two directory entries that point to the same physical location on disk. They must both be in the same file system. The file will continue to exist and occupy space as long as either one of the links exists.

Soft or Symbolic links (ln -s)

This is a link where a secondary name is associated with a file. Symbolic links can span file systems. A symbolic link does NOT guarantee the existance of the file; if you create a symlink to a file and then delete the original, it is gone, and you are left with a symlink pointing to nowhere.

Ownership on symbolic links is pretty meaningless. Access to the file is a function of the permissions on the target file, not the permissions on the link.

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