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How badly is Schottky diode damaged by overvoltages?


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Jun 13, 2021
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  • Buck with 60V Schottky.png
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Thats a sim you show. First I would ask what timestep are you using, something on
order of 10 nSec should be used.

Two sim does not have stray L in it due to layout, PCB, possible transient even higher.

Three verify situation with PCB layout and actual probing.

Four even though "most" test programs have margin in them thats typical margin
at room test put into test program. Forum frequently gets asked by users is can they
violate datasheet specs. Sure, go ahead, that will result in early retirement for you
when management figures out you designed with no margin.

Landfills are full of margin-less designs, sad commentary on engineering.

Regards, Dana.
Schottkies are extremely - and fatally - susceptible to over-voltages as brief as 20nS, for more than a few volts over rated

this is why you often see them fairly well snubbed in ckts that are expected to run for years.
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See a lot of the high voltage SiC Schottkies failing at
below rated voltage under heavy-ion irradiation. The
advantages of extremely high field operation "go away"
when field-uniformity as-designed is compromised.

Oddly the fail site photos I've seen are always at the

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