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Home made CNC drilling machine

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Dec 4, 2011
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Please let me know that can anyone know about CNC drilling machine I want to make CNC machine for making PCB`s and etc.I need software for designing drawings for machine.


You really need to look at sites like this popluar one

I have not built one, but know a few folk who have and the result a diy cnc can achieve for pcbs is quiet poor, though it is handy for hole drilling.

You are probably better directing your efforts to other pcb methods like diy photo UV which can achieve results good enough for smd or even the iron on transfer method.

There are many pcb design suites out there, many free ones or ones with try before you buy options - try a few and see which one you find best for your needs.
Actually I want to make own CNC machine also for learning and programming purpose .
Is software is free available or not or the software would be purchase?

Please let me know about IC that converts G-code to stepper motor motion
I doubt this exists. Some things are more practical and cost effective in software and hardware, and this
is one of them. You'll need to check if there is any source code, otherwise you'll need to implement
from the appropriate standards, or purchase an off-the-shelf software application.
Dear I have software of CNC USB Controller and facility to make hardware but i require IC that convert G-code to stepper motor instructions.Do you know any kind of IC or driver?

If I make G-code then how the controller do convert G-code into instructions of stepper motor?
Actually I need interface device or IC that interface with PC and stepper motor driver IC.

To drive your stepper motors for a CNC machine, the simplest way is to use a PC running EMC2 software with a parallel port. EMC2 is Ubuntu Linux based and is free. You will then need to have a breakout board to interface the parallel port to your stepper motor drivers. There is plenty of information available on the internet. Do a google search. There is a G code convertor called GSimple. It will convert files created in Autocad etc into G code and it is also free. Download EMC2 software and the manual and start reading. That's the best way. Hope this helps!!
Thank you kiks,

Please let me know how to build breakout board or can I program microcontroller for reading G-code
and send signals on parallel port or serial port.

I guess that you have a little problem in reading English :)
If you want to use microcontroller to do all job from reading and interpreting G-Code to generating pulses for motion, it is a tough call.
I would suggest thet you read more about the trajectory planing, acceleration/deceleration, pulse generation etc. at some other forums decicated to CNC:

Sending pulses to serial/parallel port is done by 'putter :)

Do a search on EBAY for a cnc breakout board. They have some reasonably priced ones there. It is simply a board which plugs into the parallel port with a cable. The inputs and outputs from the parallel port are then accessible via terminals on the board. The advantage of using this board is optical isolation of the parallel port. If you really want to make your own look at the following link
Lots of circuits and ideas on that site. As for G code there is no ic that I know of which will convert G Code. As I have mentioned previously download G Simple which is free. Do you drawing in Autocad or any other cad package and save it in DXF format. Then use G Simple to convert it to G Code. EMC2 which is also free will then intepret you G code and drive the CNC machine. Not hard at all! Almost everything is free! :grin:
Nowadays there are a lot of cheap Chinese 3 or 4 axes stepper driver boards that you have only to connect to power supply and parallel port of your PC.
As software you can use Mach3 (Win - not free), LinuxCNC (Ubuntu Linux - free), TurboCNC (DOS - free), ...
Hello dear

I suggest you to first clear idea about home made CNC simply need to buy following items

Breakout board
Stepper driver

If u are making machine first time I request you to use mach 3. Because it is easy to use and use PCB design softwewe which allows you to export file in dxf format then convert dxf into code your work will done.....

Recently I made CNC plasma cutter which is working well....if you need more help contact me.....I feel proud to help you...


Thank you dear I want to make CNC Homemade machine ,please send your contact details.

i am sharing my files here hop it Beneficial to you


  • Complete Cnc Controller-Step
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  • CNC-BY -ATMEGA8.rar
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